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And there you have it! That’s everything you could possibly need to know about Instagram marketing in order to achieve true excellence. At this point, you know what Instagram is, how it works and how to use the myriad features and options to your advantage. What’s more though, you also have some insight as to the psychology of Instagram and you know some of the advanced techniques you can use to hack your growth and explode onto the scene. To round it all off then, let’s structure […]

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A Quick Know-How In To LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn quick know

Previously, some tips on LinkedIn quick know hacks were discussed in part one and how these could help your brand or business be noticed by your targeted audience.   The second installment of this LinkedIn quick know-how article deep dives into the rest of the list.   To continue, stay strong and relevant—find your consumers and make the connection, before your competitor does. Filtering and segregating through the database in LinkedIn has never been easier. Businesses of all kinds can target on the company size, job position […]

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Analyzing Your Instagram Work

Now you have all the information you need to start running a highly effective Instagram campaign that helps to add value to your business, that will send the message you want to send and that will bring many more followers to your brand. This is a highly effective tool and if you follow these tips to the letter, you’ll find it offers an amazing ROI. But while you have a lot of information now, that doesn’t guarantee that your strategy is going to be flawless right from […]

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Local Marketing with Instagram

A lot of what we’ve looked at here will work particularly well for online businesses. Ecommerce stores have a lot to gain from Instagram because they can highlight products that are just a few clicks away for their followers. Likewise, bloggers can use Instagram to grow their personal brand and to help their followers and fans feel connected. But it can also have a particular use for local businesses. If you have a chip shop, a hairdresser or anything else, then you might want to alter your […]

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How Are Businesses Actually Using Instagram?

Creating great photos to promote your product or service is the basic strategy that pretty much any business will use to promote itself online. But there are other more inventive things you can do here as well. At the same time, it can certainly be helpful to look at other companies to see how their Instagram account is being used for inspiration. Here are some examples of companies that are using Instagram well then… Sharpie Sharpie has a very popular account on Instagram and is a fantastic […]

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Growing Your Following

Instagram is highly powerful and an amazing tool for growing your brand and getting more attention for your products, services, and ethos. What Instagram is not though is magic. In other words, this isn’t a case of ‘build it and they will come’. If you want to grow your audience and if you want to expand your reach, you need to put in the time and effort to get more people to find your account and to get more people to follow. The first way to do […]

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The Difference between Facebook and LinkedIn Marketing

Facebook and LinkedIn

With so many social networking sites these days, it is normal to compare two of the biggest platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. Since Facebook announced that it was creating a platform for professionals, the comparison has escalated even more. Although they appear to be similar in objective, which is to connect people through networking, they have varying functions and uses among their members.   Facebook and LinkedIn – By The Numbers As of this writing, LinkedIn has 300 million registered users while Facebook has 1.35 billion members. […]

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Instagram Marketing -101

Reading the above statistics you’ll likely have been a little surprised. Instagram is bigger than Twitter and better for engagement than Facebook! Time to get on it! But why is Instagram so good for interaction? What is it about this channel that makes it potentially a gold mine for companies hoping to make an impression on their prospective audiences? Especially considering that on the face of it, Instagram seems very much more geared towards sharing personal content with no marketing angle? Well actually, it’s this focus and […]

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What is Instagram Marketing and Why Should You Care?

When devising your internet marketing strategy, it can be all too easy to forget about Instagram in the mix. Compared with Facebook, Instagram has relatively few users and it’s not as clear how it can be monetized. There’s no content in an image and people don’t want pictures in their Instagram feed telling them to ‘buy now’ or sign up to their mailing list…   So with all that in mind, why would you invest a lot of time or money into the platform?   Well, actually […]

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Different Company Brands and Businesses that Utilized LinkedIn Marketing

businesses linkedin marketing

Although LinkedIn is considered to be one of the top social networking sites for professionals, it is unheard of to know that there are successful marketing campaigns that have been launched using Businesses LinkedIn marketing. Compared to Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is more toned-down and discreet. Hence, not all brands would think of promoting in LinkedIn. This then, makes it an even better medium or channel to advertise in. As one marketer noted, the chances of standing out and running clever campaigns in LinkedIn are greater as opposed […]

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