Benefits of Marketing in YouTube

By running an a YouTube advertising, you have the option to connect with a very large number of potential customers at the exact moment they perfrom a keyword search, which is related to your business. In fact, YouTube is one of the biggest video-streaming platforms, that can guarantee you a great number of followers or even potential customers, especially as you educate, entertain and provide them with great ideas and solutions.

Keep in mind that there are over 1 bilion unique visits to YouTube each month, with visitors watching over 6 billion hours the viral contents. The following are 5 top benefits of marketing in YouTube.

1. YouTube advertising, Let your audience find you easily

You may know already that videos pop-up more often in Google’s search results, which means that Google considers videos of great importance – just as text pages. In order to grab this opportunity, you can write some high-quality articles on your site and at the same time you can create some great videos in YouTube. By doing this, you will build backlinks to your site, so you’ll get found on Google more often by people who are searching around the net for specific topics.


2. Connect with your viewers

YouTube advertising, can be used for a long-term service and not just of one-time viral popularity. Which means that you can create great stuff, explaining to your viewers how things related to your business work. You can also take your viewers behind the scenes and give them interesting information about you and your business. If you have a nive idea for a spoof video or something that might also go viral, this is your chance to produce interesting and viewable content.


3. Target your audience

Even though you may upload great videos, you have to target a specific audience, in order to be able to boost your traffic. With YouTube advertising you can use precision targeting, which is based on demographis, interests, location and even at the time of day, as to ensure that your message pops-up in front of your targeted audience. Keep in mind that when you aim the right customers, you’ll gain more traffic and eventually you will increase your followers or future buyers by knowing your audience.

4. Share-ability

This in fact is the brilliant combination of sharing videos within YouTube. Your target audience creates an opportunity for audience engagement and consequently business growth. For example, if the viewer finds your video interesting or informative or even both, they might want to share it. This way more people will have the possibility to see what you have uploaded.


5. Measure your success


With the old-time advertising standards, you couldn’t possibly prove whether consumers were exposed to a specific message. But today you have the opportunity, with advanced analytics, to understand exactly who is watching your message and when. This in fact can be a very useful tool for you, because it gives you all the necessary information in order to plan your strategy. Moreover, you can figure out if you aim the right audience for you or not. For example, you can check out which of your videos your followers are watching and for how long.

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