Building Your Channel From The Ground Up

YouTube has officially been recognized as the second largest search engine on the web. When you look at the fact that 6 billion hours of videos are viewed every single month, and the fact that 100 hours of video content are uploaded every single minute, this comes as no surprise.


Therefore, if you want to get your content noticed, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t leverage YouTube. When it comes to establishing a presence on YouTube, creating a YouTube channel is an integral part of this procedure. Let’s take a look at how you can structure your channel in the right way from the ground up.


Video SEO


Before you actually create your channel, you need to bare in mind that YouTube is a search engine similarly to Google itself. Therefore, your content needs to be optimized in order for it to be discovered. This is essentially known as Video SEO or VSEO for short.


Tips On Video Search Engine Optimization


* Utilize tools like Google’s keyword planner tool, when it comes to conducting keyword research.

* Ensure that you use your keywords, in the title of the video. Not only will this help to tell users what your videos are about, it will help YouTube’s algorithm to rank them as well.

* Ensure that you write a detailed video description that’s clear and contains your keywords.

* Use popular Google search terms that accurately describe your videos such as terms like ‘review’ and ‘how to’ for example.


This is just an extremely brief introduction of video seo. It’s highly recommended that you conduct some research surrounding video SEO that you can gain a full understanding of thee different mechanisms that are involved.


Structuring Your Youtube Channel


The most beautiful thing about YouTube is that anyone can essentially pull together a video marketing campaign by establishing a channel and by hosting them in their individual sections. However, one of the very first mistakes that people make is that they fail to give their channel a certain degree of structure. Unfortunately, many people appear as if they don’t realize the impact that channel structure has on viewer retention. Here are some tips to consider when it comes to structuring your channel.


Group Your Videos Together In A Logical Matter


One of the biggest mistakes that many people make is that they mix their content. However, you need to ensure that you group your videos in a logical matter. For example, if you have various behind-the-scenes videos, they should not be mixed with your advertising videos. Instead, your behind-the-scenes videos should be on a separate channel on their own.

Don’t Order Your Videos By Recent Or Popularity

Your YouTube channel will operate as a marketing tool. Therefore, you should be pushing content that is currently the most relevant to your goals. By ordering your content by popularity, you will not be pushing the content that is most relevant to your goals. Additionally, you should not order your content by recent content either. This is due to the fact that while your most recent content may be relevant to the people who visit your site, it may not be relevant to the demographic of people who visit your channel.


Showcase Your Best Content


When your viewers visit your channel, ideally you’ll want them to see the best content that you have available. Therefore, if you choose to put every piece of content that you own, in your channel, chances are most of them won’t be of any interest to your audience, especially if they are outdated or low quality. Essentially, your channel needs to showcase the best content that you have available.

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