10 Do’s And Don’ts of YouTube.

Marketing is basically the essential communication between a company and the consumers. YouTube marketing is a strategy that has played a vital responsibility in the growth of many online businesses.


Many businesses use YouTube to market their products because they are given the privilege of providing consumers with content in any format they prefer. In this article, we will give you the Do’s and Don’ts on YouTube to help you with your YouTube marketing.


10 Do’s And Don’ts of YouTube Marketing.



  • Ensure your content is always fresh and accepted.


Among the 10 Do’s and Don’ts of YouTube videos for business, carefully picking out the interests of your audience and ensuring you deliver accordingly is a key factor you should consider. Fresh and accepted content can effectively be delivered by reflecting on the aims of your audience and giving a solution that is of value and also content that can speak to your viewers’ emotions.


  • Ensure your videos go along with your keywords.


By using videos that are in line with your keywords, you encourage your audience to build trust in you because they will know they have found a channel they can relate to. This factor is the second key aspect among the 10 Do’s and Don’ts on YouTube.


  • Make sure the visibility of your channel is attractive.


YouTube channels are key part of your online brand identity therefore make an effort of ensuring that your channel is visually attractive by including thumbnails channel trailer count and banners.


  • Follow up on your YouTube channel frequently.


Ensure that you engage YouTube analytic s that will help you incorporate your channel with any advertisement that you may have. Anyone who wants success in YouTube marketing, making a frequent follow up on you YouTube channel is among the 10 Do’s and Don’ts on YouTube that you should apply.


  • Collaborate with various YouTube channel owners.


Communicating with various YouTube video channel owners and creators is a key factor that should not be left out. This is because by collaborating with your fellow YouTube video channel owners, you are able to showcase your work and grow your audience.




  • Avoid trying hard to make your videos go viral.


Do not make the mistake of trying to make all your videos go viral so as to drive traffic to your channel because YouTube marketing does not entail viral marketing of videos. YouTube offers other video websites such as Vimeo and Vine which will direct traffic and users to your channel.


  • Do not dwell on viewer numbers as a way of gauging your traffic.


As much as viewer numbers and user engagements are factors that are unavoidable to consider, you should focus on increased clicks and new subscribers more. Among the 10 do’s and don’ts on YouTube, this is a factor you should not want to ignore.


  • Avoid putting your most popular content at the top.


Most people who use YouTube marketing are usually tempted to put their prime content at the top of the YouTube channel to act as a highlight of all the videos, not knowing that this will only make other videos attract low views. Following this factor you will be able to yield better results in your YouTube marketing strategies.


  • Do not mix up consumer and corporate content.


Viewers are usually specific in what they are searching for in a YouTube channel, therefore by mixing up consumer and corporate content, you are only confusing them.


  • Do not ignore feedback.


Once you put out content on your YouTube channel, it will attract audience who will try to engage you by asking questions and giving opinions about what they see, therefore follow up on these feed backs so that you can learn by knowing your strength and weaknesses. However, be careful not to be destructed by negative comments.

The 10 Do’s and Don’ts on YouTube will help you in running your YouTube video channel smoothly and ensure that you succeed in marketing your products on YouTube. You can also link your future clients to your YouTube channel so that they can view it on their own.

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