So there you have it: tons of tips and strategies that will give you absolute mastery over email marketing and list building. There’s a lot to sink your teeth into there, but if you only take a few things away from all this, let it be these things:


Targeting is Crucial


It’s much more important to have a highly targeted list than it is to have a massive list. In fact, if you’re paying for subscribers then you want to actively discourage people from signing up unless they are: interested in your niche, willing to spend money online, engaged and committed to your brand.


Make sure that everything from your marketing to your use of incentives keeps this objective in mind.


Value is Even More Crucial


Even more important than targeting your audience, is to ensure that you are providing great value. That your emails should be filled with great content that people can’t wait to read. Ideally, the emails will be the incentives!


Likewise, your website should be filled with amazing high value content because this is what will get people interested in subscribing in the first place. Make sure your content is unique and offers something new.


Promote Your List!


Finally, make sure you are promoting your list! That means you should feature it prominently on your homepage, it means you should mention it regularly in your content and it means you should talk about it when you meet people in person. Don’t just leave your opt-in form there and hope people find it – really push it!


If you do all those things, then you’ll quickly learn why a highly targeted mailing list is one of the most valuable things that any business can invest in. You’ll have direct contact with a highly engaged and relevant audience and from there the possibilities are endless!

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