Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Monetizing Your Youtube Videos

Monetizing YouTube videos is super easy. It is an opportunity open to everyone who dreams of making real cash online. YouTube receives millions of unique visitors every month. Allowing placement of ads on your videos, therefore, which is simply monetizing them, would give you as much cash as you always dream for.


How exactly does YouTube video monetization work?


If you’ve not yet set your foot into YouTube’s monetization program, you might not have a slight idea how the program works, right?


There’s no need to panic, though. Following is a brief explanation on how the Monetizing YouTube videos works:


We assume you already have a YouTube account/channel where you share your videos. You start by enabling the monetization feature on your channel. After this, all your videos will be submitted for approval.


NOTE: For your videos to be approved for monetization, they must meet the worldwide commercial rights as outlined in YouTube’s Copyright Centre. For example, if your video features a song that you don’t have a copyright to, it won’t be eligible for Monetizing YouTube videos.


Also, the videos must abide by YouTube’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Services.


Once the videos are approved, YouTube now has permission to post ads near or inside your videos. When people view your videos, they’ll encounter these ads. This way, you earn revenue after a specified number of views.


It’s that simple!


It’s also important to note that you need to link your YouTube account/channel with Google Adsense for you to be able to earn the revenue generated from the Ads placed on your videos.


All the above information would be useless if we fail to explain to you how you can get started in monetizing your YouTube videos, right?


Let’s discuss how you can start making money on YouTube today

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Monetize Your YouTube Videos


1. First of all, login to your YouTube channel account

2. Once you’re logged in, head to the Channel Settings tab and click on the “Enable Monetization” option.

3. Carefully read and follow the outlined steps so as to accept the YouTube Monetization Agreement.

4. Once you’re through with step THREE, YouTube highlights the videos in your channel that are eligible for monetization as well as those not eligible.


To see these videos, go to Uploads tab. Videos eligible for monetization are highlighted with a green box with dollar sign placed beside them.


If a video is not legible for monetization due to copyright issues, however, it will appear under the Copyrights Notices tab.


5. Finally, link your Google Adsense account to your YouTube Channel.


If you don’t have an account, you don’t need to worry. An Adsense account is completely free and easy to set up. All you need is a PayPal or bank accounts as well as a valid email address to have your account verified and ready for transactions.


Final Thoughts


If you have always been dreamed of making some cash online, YouTube presents you with an opportunity you can’t afford to miss. Simply follow the above definitive guide on how to monetize your account to get started. With the right marketing strategy and patience, you’ll eventually start making real bucks from your videos!

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