CPA Marketing for Your Business

CPA marketing for business is an online advertising model that measures how much a business pays to achieve a conversion. Your cost per action (CPA) will be generally higher than your CPC or cost per click. This is because not all people who click your advertisement will complete your desired action such as signing up as a lead or buying a product.

CPA Marketing for Business

Cost per action considers the number of advertisement clicks before a person converts. Thus improving your conversion rate might lower your cost per action. Your CPA and CPC will contribute to your AdWords costs.

Your CPA is determined by your Quality Score. It is the Google’s metric based on the quality of landing pages, ads and keywords. Generally, the higher the Quality Score, the lower the CPA costs. It is important to keep the CPA low and the Quality Score high.

On this way, you can allot more budget in your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, optimizing your number of conversions and giving you more exposure in the online ad space.


How does your Quality Score affect your cost per action?

Most internet marketers know that the cost per click is affected by AdWords Quality Score. But not all of them know that the Quality Score determines the cost per conversion. Thus, optimizing for CPA is the same as optimizing for Quality Score. In contrast, high CPA and low Quality Score will decrease your over all return on investment (ROI).


Cost Per Action Bidding

Cost per action bidding is paid advertising method that gives you total control over your advertising budget. Instead of paying Google for every click on one of your advertisements, cost per action bidding requires you to pay for every conversion. This action can be a download, a lead or a sale. With the help of CPA marketing for business, you can avoid spending money on keywords that may not be driving your business directly.

For instance, if one of your display ads in a search engine results page (SERP) does not match the searcher’s intent, you will only pay if the searcher converts.


Improving Site Traffic


Your website’s success highly depends on your customers. For instance, having a popular blog can make your shopping website successful. Of course, you want more people to make a purchase, browse your content and regularly visit your website. However, there are hundreds of thousands of websites online. Most of these websites get less than 500 visitors per day and only less than 10% of them buy a product or a service.

What are they ways that you can do to improve your website traffic? The most important way in pulling in many visitors is creating the best content among your competitors. Successful bloggers recommend having tags, guest blogs and shorter content.

Aside from the unique content, they recommend the use of on-page search engine optimization (SEO) and creating irresistible tags and headlines. You also need a fast website. Most visitors spend less than 5 seconds on a webpage. You might not get traffic and customers if your website takes so much time to load.

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