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What You Should Know about CPA Marketing

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Cost per action or CPA marketing, also known as cost per conversion and pay per action (PPA), is an advertising model where the publishers are paid for each specified action such as double opt-in, form submit, click and impression. This is different from common affiliate marketing methods in a way that you do not have to make sales to earn. Payments are based on lead generation like submitting an email address or phone number to get some information or free products.   CPA is considered by direct […]

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5 Common Misconceptions About CPA Marketing

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Many people have wrong ideas about CPA marketing (cost per action), usually mistaking it for another type of online marketing tactic and online advertising method. To know more about this type of marketing tactic, everyone should also be aware of the misconceptions surrounding it.            1. CPA is a marketing tactic. This is true in a general sense of CPA marketing on mobile platforms. This is also how many marketing experts address it. However, more than a general marketing tactic, it is really […]

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10 Tips to Improve Your Profit from CPA Marketing

Tips to Improve Your Profit from CPA Marketing

These 10 tips will help everyone who wants to have a successful career with CPA marketing.            1. Stick to your niche. Establish your website in your niche before you look for a type of CPA marketing program. Your website needs to have high PageRank if you want to be successful with other income-generating activities online. Sticking with a niche also gets you a bigger chance of attracting more visitors from search engine results.          2. Focus on a quantifiable traffic […]

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