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How Small and Medium Sized Businesses Can Use Periscope

periscope for business

While some of the major brands have dominated the headlines for using periscope for business marketing purposes, even small and medium-sized companies can effectively use this app in different ways. Here are some of the ways in which they can harness its benefits and grow their businesses.   Creating buzz around new product releases Since Periscope live streaming app can be used to reach a wide audience especially the large number of internet users who frequent social media sites like Twitter, businesses can use it to create […]

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Importance of Real Time Publishing on Periscope For Brands

Publishing stream to Periscope

The Periscope app is so fresh because it allows businesses Publishing stream to Periscope in real time. There has been a new craze about real-time publishing ever since the mobile video live streaming app was launched. In keeping up with the new marketing trends and appealing to new and unique demographics of customers, businesses have had to find ways to package their marketing contents in a manner that users will find helpful and highly refreshing.   Real-time video streaming on social media platforms has become the in-thing […]

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