5 Ways to Make a Good Video

There are so many good youtube videos getting uploaded every day which means you must do something to stand out among all of them.


1. Be Yourself


The first lesson is to be original. Don’t copy someone else or that will turn people away. If you get nervous then don’t worry because that is normal. You just have to treat the camera as someone you are used to talking to so you won’t be nervous all the time. If you eat your words in your first few sentences then that’s alright as the audience will find out you are human. They don’t go to youtube to watch something perfect after all.


2. Offer something unique or informative


What is your area of expertise? People would tune in to your video if they will get something out of it. For example, if you are an expert in make-up then make a tutorial about that so people would find it when they search for make-up tutorials on Youtube. You better have a good reason for making the video and it should be the same thing that should make it interesting for people to watch.


3. Speak up and eye the camera


If your voice is not loud enough to be heard from where the camera then put a hidden microphone somewhere. You can also practice in front of the mirror the tone of your voice. It is okay to have numerous trials for the video as long as the final output is something you are in favor of.

4. Make sure the Youtube videos quality is good

Nobody is expecting your youtube videos to be that good since you are an amateur but at least make it decent. You can do this by eliminating the background noise. If there the air con is turned on in the other room then shut it off first as well as any other noises that you may find annoying like the electric fan and the TV. If there are annoying noises heard in the background then that will lower the quality of your video.


It may also divert the attention of the viewer to whatever it is that’s making that noise unless it is part of the video. If you can’t get your dog to stop barking then you can get someone to take it out for a walk. It is also important to brighten the video by turning on the lights in the room where you decide to record the video. If possible, turn on as much lights as possible even if they are not seen on camera.


5. Edit it until its perfect


Use an editing software to edit your youtube videos until you are confident with it. The first thing to do would be to take out the boring parts like coughs, sneezes, pauses and parts that would stall the video. Those things can easily turn off an average viewer away. You can put your social media accounts on the end of the video for the viewers to go to those pages after they watch the entire video.

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