YouTube Marketing Power

For your business to grow, you must think of ingenious ways of getting your products and services reach as many people as possible without breaking the bank. Recently due to the advent of technology and the power of the internet, YouTube marketing power has grown exponentially with an estimated over 4 billion you tube videos being watched daily.


Whether you are already in an established business or starting a small business, using you tube for your business ensures you can reach your potential audience either through advertising via other people’s videos or better yet creating your own you tube videos. You tube marketing is very cost effective if used regularly as part of your marketing strategy.


The following points demonstrate some of the YouTube marketing power:

Incredible reach


You tube being the second largest search engine after Google, it is believed over 1 billion people visit this site every month. Therefore, a creative you tube video will capture the attention of your potential audience within a short span of time. Besides, you can use precision targeting basing it on demographics, interests, locations as well as viewing devices such as phones, i-pads, tablets etcetera.




An incredible attribute of youtube marketing power is its ability to share videos across the network. If a viewer likes what he sees, he has the option of sharing the link with others and your YouTube video is shot through the video marketing universe in an instant. This is without investing any more dollars to expand the video’s reach to the potential clients exponentially.


Youtube marketing power is it helps you get found on Google


Google being a universal search engine, it blends all forms of media such as images, videos etc. in it’s such results. Therefore, you can take benefits of marketing by creating high quality and complimentary videos in youtube. It is important also to note that videos do appear more often when doing a Google search hence meaning that Google considers videos as important as just as simple text messages. It also helps to create backlinks to your website and this in turn will increase traffic and subsequently ranking high in Google search results.


Getting feedback from clients


One of the great features of YouTube marketing is that you can easily get feedback from your targeted audience. The consumers are more likely to comment on the videos unlike the traditional television advertisements. This will in turn give you useful knowledge on what your customers think about your products and services. Furthermore, you get the opportunity to engage with them by welcoming comments and learning ways of improving your products to appeal to your clients.




Unlike other advertising that require expiry date, you tube video is more unique in the sense that it does not expire and any new customer can search for it at any time and it will respond. This also allows it to be distributed exponentially as more people share it on the internet. By your videos being distributed social platforms such as twitter and Facebook, your business exposure will be increased.

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